Osteopathic Disaster Recovery Fund


The Osteopathic Disaster Recovery Fund is intended to reestablish the delivery of osteopathic medical care to areas declared as “federally designated disaster areas”. Grants are distributed to DOs who are victims of a disaster and are in need of financial assistance to help restore their medical practice.

Distribution of funds is solely based on professional damages versus personal.  All applicants must be able to identify specific information about the disaster and demonstrate the need for financial aid in the following ways:

  • Identify the disaster and describe the damage sustained
  • How has it affected their ability to practice medicine.
  • What the anticipated net financial losses after settlement of all insurance claims
  • List any additional applications that were submitted for disaster relief assistance in the form of loans, grants or any state or federal agencies and the amount of monies received.


Restrictions: Limited to DO Members of the American Osteopathic Association and the American Osteopathic Foundation. Those who receive funding must be fully licensed and still in an active form of practice. Funds will not be distributed to osteopathic medical students or physicians in training. Funds will only be distributed for professional damages (not personal property). The Fund is only for individuals. Funds are will not be distributed to corporate entities, hospital systems, Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine or private practices. Those in need of funding must be the main contact/applicant and person receiving the funding should it be approved.